American Political Domain Names

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We have a fantastic opportunity for the right person, organization or company to help your American Political cause and candidate … legally!

We’re making available to you a series of 6 domain names which, with your expertise, will allow you to Influence American National Elections.

We all know how important and powerful the President of the United States is.

Without a like-minded Congress, the ability to put that power to work is negated, or severely hampered. 

The decisions made by the POTUS (President of the United States) and the COTUS (Congress of the United States) touch every single life and business in the United States and a sizeable percentage of lives, businesses and governments worldwide!

Which is why our domain names cover both the Congress of the United States AND The President of the United States.

All these names are offered as a package and are intended to work in conjunction with one another in building your network and influencing both Presidential and Congressional Elections.

Congressional Elections include both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

Our names for the Presidency of The United States
Our names for Congress of the United States

If you’re ready to get into the American Political game in a big way, this is your opportunity!

If you’re already in the American Political game, these names should be an integral part of your network.

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